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BibDesk for Mac

GUI for BibTeX

Was originally developed as a graphical front-end for the BibTeX file format. However, it also allows linking and filing electronic paper copies, much like iTunes manages audio files, but with additional flexibility in file naming and location.

BibDesk imports numerous file formats, and also has convenient plain text import features for unrecognized file types. It also has capability for searching online databases and libraries, and sharing files via Bonjour. You can export a variety of file formats (e.g. HTML, XML, RTF) via the templating system, and can easily create your own templates for customized display.

Spotlight integration allows you to find particular references in your databases quickly, and you can also search linked files in a particular database by content. BibDesk is AppleScript-able, and has an extensive set of preferences that allow you to customize many features.