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Client Folder Maker for Mac

Folder Management for desktop publishers

Simple and easy to use folder management tool for the busy desktop publisher, prepress operator or web designer. It allows you to set up special client folders that are used consistently from project to project, based on that customers name and job number.

Client Folder Maker utilizes a very simple approach to building up custom folder names, with support folders used in any job. While the script has a very small footprint, there is also a preferences pane which allows you to add, rename, or delete folders in the job hierarchy, as well as establish a target working folder which would be used for archives. The archives folder can be on your desktop, or on a share.

Setup you your support folders, and select a target archives folder [typically on your Desktop], enter in a Client Name and Job Number and hit the Build button. Client Folder Maker will create the folder based on that clients name, with the number associated to that job, with all the support folders inside.