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Chessic for Mac

play chess against other opponents over the internet

An interface to the Internet Chess Club (ICC) that allows you to play chess against other opponents over the internet. Chessic provides all the basic functionality you need to get started on the ICC:
- Universal binary supporting both Intel and PowerPC based Macintosh computers
- Nice anti-aliased scalable/resizable configurable game board leveraging the Quartz display engine
- Support for professional chess fonts like Linares, Zurich and Hastings as well as two free sets
- Graphical “seek” window to find available game opponents
- Graphical annotation of examined games using Bob Hyatt’s Crafty chess engine
- Game history list
- Integrated timestamp client support to eliminate the effects of internet latencies
- Flexible seek list for advertising which types of games you want to play
- Examine/observe games other than your own
- Sound alerts when 30,20,10 seconds remain of your alloted time
- Ability to save games in PGN (portable game notation) format
- A clean and simple Mac OS X native UI