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FastApps for Mac

Suite of handy productivity apps

Hate when you cant get simple things done? FastApps it for you.

- FastBackPic: This app opens a window with all of your iPhoto pictures, Photo Booth shots and any other standard photo app (including Aperture). When you choose one, it makes the picture your desktop wallpaper. (You can also drag a picture on the app and hit cancel when it brings up the pictures)

- FastMusic: An alternative to switching to iTunes and picking a song to play.

- FastPicImport: Sometimes all the other options arent doing it for you and you want a straightforward way to import pictures into iPhoto. Now you get one. FastPicImport lets you select an image from an open panel and then when you hit enter, it imports the file(s) into iPhoto.

- FastSongImport: If you would like an alternative way to import songs into iTunes, you can drag and drop (or not) a file onto this app and hit enter. It will ask where you want it and then you/re done.

- FastWebPics: If you are constantly downloading photos from webpages, FastWebPics can help! Just type in a URL or visit a site in safari and it returns images from the page.

- FastWebRSS: Lets say you need a text version of an RSS feed. Just visit it in Safari and open FastWebRSS, hit okay and youre done.