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FileSync for Mac

update copies of your current work

FileSync 2.0.8 introduces improvements and a new timer feature. Also, available disk space is measured more accurately than previous releases. Read-only volumes or servers will report "disk is full". Read-only conditions occur when attempting to synchronize with ftp-mounted servers or volumes without adequate permission.

FileSync synchronization is now threaded and cancelable. Synchronization lists are stored in a drawer panel (formerly the servers drawer); selecting one displays its list of Sync items. Each Sync item consists of a Master file or folder, and its related Copy location (enclosing folder). FileSync compares file modification dates and only copies new and most recently modified files between the two locations.

I regularly use FileSync to update a USB Flash Drive and two shared Macs on the network. Volumes are mounted on the desktop before running FileSync. During synchronization, FileSync displays a list of the files that are copied, to or from the Copy location. FileSync works best with locally mounted volumes; Airport can be painfully slow on folders that contain many items. Be sure to check a volume is mounted and privileges are sufficient.