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Filemailer for Mac

Send files quickly and efficiently

Filemailer is a revolutionary program that changes the way people send files via internet, it lets to save both time and disk space.

Disk space saving:

The traditional email programs usually store into the sender computer all the attachments sent, even those very large, making in this way its proprietary database more difficult to manage for backup and unnecessary wasting disk space with duplicates of files that we already have.

For example two colleagues who send a file of 10MB from one desk to another create 2 copies of unnecessary files stored in their respective email programs dealing with 20MB of disk space. If a similar exchange happens 15 times a day, at the end of the working day the two users have occupied 300MB of disk space, and other 300MB to backup data, for a total of 600MB of unnecessary copies of files that their already possess.

Filemailer avoids this waste of space on disk because it don't store locally any copy of the sent files.