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GagaMarkets for Mac

Real time stock market index monitor for Mac

The markets have gone totally gaga! The Dow Jones, NASDAQ, FTSE, DAX, Nikkei and CAC 40 look like roller coasters. One day the Dow is up 500 points, the next dayv it loses the same amount or more. Then itís the Nikkei's turn; reacting to US market trends, the Japanese stock market can be just as hot or cold. And when Europe wakes up, the FTSE, DAX and CAC 40 start their gyrations. All around the world, markets are reacting to the worst financial crisis since 1929.

GagaMarkets, the first real-time visual market index monitor for Mac, shows you which way the markets are going in a glance. GagaMarkets monitors stock indices in thirty countries. You can choose which index to monitor in each country, and GagaMarketsí color-coded display shows whether the markets are rising or falling, skyrocketing or plummeting. The financial markets are linked worldwide, and it is important for personal investors to know whatís going on in markets outside their own countries.

With 2D or 3D display, showing either a world map projection or a rotating globe, GagaMarkets displays, on the Desktop, whether the markets are bullish or bearish. A quick glance and you can see which way the financial trade winds are blowing.

GagaFactory strongly recommends that users take any necessary blood pressure or anxiety medication before using GagaMarkets. We hold no responsibility for anger or exasperation resulting from the use of this program.