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Game Agent for Aspyr for Mac

Find out which games from Aspyr will run on your Mac

A utility that allows you to easily match your computer hardware with the system requirements of Aspyr’s latest game titles. It will automatically identify which games will run on your Mac and determine system upgrades for any other Aspyr games if necessary.

Game Agent is an OS X application that automatically checks your Mac configuration — including OS version, RAM size, video card and processor speed — and then, game by game, tells the you if a game will run well, will run or will not run on your system. It then gives a summary of hardware or software updates necessary for those games that will not run.

Game Agent also makes gift-giving easier by allowing you to check what games will run other Macintosh computer models Apple currently sells. This gives you the ability to see how games will perform on computers ranging from the newest eMacs to Power Macs and everything in-between.