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GardenSketch for Mac

Garden /landscape design software

GardenSketch is design software which can help plan and lay out any area, from the smallest garden plot to the largest landscape, enabling the planner to visualize a garden space before any plants are purchased, in color, in any season.GardenSketch's specialized drawing tools make designing landscapes easy. The existing landscape can be easily entered by incorporating aerial or satellite photos. GardenSketch enables the planner to choose suitable plants with its advanced search capability. It makes buying plants and mulch easy by computing the number of plants and/or amount of mulch required for an area.

For home users, GardenSketch saves information about last year's planting season, (ex: germination, plant-out dates, and degree of success) and can help determine the optimum time to plant seedlings. It can even print labels for flats/pots when starting seeds.For commercial users, GardenSketch is compatible with an open XML file format, and uses OpenGL to maintain speed even with large numbers of plantings. GardenSketch can handle large plans by managing smaller garden plots overlayed on a master plan. GardenSketch can be customized after purchase by using plug-ins.