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JAME for Mac

fractal graphics platform which supports images and animations

A Java real-time multi-thread fractal graphics platform which supports images and animations. The core of JAME is the graphics engine which supports layers, filters, effects and alpha composition.

JAME creates Mandelbrot and Julia fractals and supports zoom, rotation and colours shift. Creating an animation is very easy; you can record every operations and save them as a clip. Clips are stored in a database and can be rendered with different resolutions. JAME supports batch rendering, caching and encoding of rendered data in different formats; JAME supports JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, AVI and Quicktime formats. JAME supports grid computation on local network. JAME is also an OSGi application and can be extended by plug-ins to provide new fractals, formulas, filters, effects, encoders and more.