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MultiFirefox for Mac

Developer's description:

"For those of us who work on the Ďfront end developmentí side of things, thereís a careful balance we hang in regarding new browser releases. The short version is that as new browsers approach their release candidate status, we need to be checking and double checking our work in them to make sure that their change logs donít break our work. At the same time, thereís a known issue with the fact that, more often than not, running the latest beta or release candidate alongside with the production version (and, if youíre a really good developer, one previous version back from the most current production release to take care of things). Internet Explorer is notorious for this and I recall the headaches I went through beta testing it. I essentially resolved to (and continue to resolve to) use multiple virtual machines, one for each version of IE. [Dave Martorana] created a little launcher app that, when copied to your Apps folder along with the accompanied file (appropriately renamed so it wont overwrite the stable version), will let you create and/or select an additional profile, as well as the version of Firefox that you wish to use. Itís clean, itís simple, and it works."