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Office Dock for Mac

Dock app launcher for MS Office apps

Office Dock is an application that was created to help organize work environment, maximize efficiency working with Microsoft Office, and to reduce dock clutter. I created this application after being tired of having all 5 applications from Microsoft Office in my dock. I used them all, some more than others, but all just enough to warrant their positions in my dock. I figured that if I could devise a method to retain the ability to keep them handy in the dock without cluttering up my dock. Now, with a simple right click (Control+click) on the icon in my dock, I have access to all 5 applications in the Microsoft Office Suite, without the clutter or space hogging I had before. Not only does Office Dock give you the ability to launch the Microsoft Office Applications, but lets say you have your Entourage Mail in the background and you are working on a Word document or in an Excel spreadsheet, you can use Office Dock to activate Entourage, and bring it to the front so you can check your mail.