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Orbiter for Mac

access frequently used app and documents

Orbiter is a powerful utility that enables you to access frequently used applications, documents and folders quickly and effortlessly. Orbiter is built around an award winning friendly interface, which can be fully customized to fit your individual needs. Although Orbiter aims to provide seamless system integration and exemplary ease of use, It does not take over your system, or change the way you currently use your Mac. Orbiter's solid performance makes it easy to hold unlimited applications and easily manage them by tags. It's been brought to our attention that Orbiter is in many ways superior to the Dock, although we still think it should be used in addition to it and not as a replacement. Of course, an optional transparency effect, multiple color themes and tag categorization come standard. So, whether you're looking to free up precious Dock space, or want a quicker more efficient way of accessing your files, we think Orbiter is worth a shot. Please know that while this app is currently used by thousands of people across the globe, it is still in a developmental phase and we're continuously working to enhance your user experience. We welcome your feedback and feature requests.