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PTHVolume for Mac

Multiple Output Device Control

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A utility for Mac OS X 10.5 and later that is used to control the volume of your Mac OS X machine. For most people the included Mac OS X widget is sufficient for controlling volume. There are however two situations in which PTHVolume 2 is a much more useful alternative.

Multiple Output Device Control.The Mac OS X 10.5 volume widget works for changing the volume if you only have a single audio device connected to your computer. But what happens when you have multiple audio devices? This is where PTHVolume 2 excels, you can individually control the volume of multiple devices without opening up System Preferences.

Volume Control with Non Apple Keyboards: Your type of keyboard is a very personal choice, if you like the keyboards Apple provides then you can just use the standard volume keys. But what happens if you like the IBM Model M style of keyboards, without custom volume keys. Well PTHVolume 2 comes to your rescue, you can set keyboard shortcuts for any and all volume devices.