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Pacemaker Editor for Mac

state-of-the-art music player/ create mixes

About creating mixes as well as being a state-of-the-art music player and a music library managing application.

Pacemaker Editor enables limitless creative possibilities via an intuitive interface tailor-made for desktop mix production. This is all drag-and-drop, pull, stretch, bend and move around. In essence, itís about adding your personal preferred colouring to a selection of tracks (sort of, conducting your own orchestra with a couple of spray cans in each hand).

One of our interface innovations is that of controlling the two channels via the same window, simply by grabbing, sliding and overlapping the tracks. The approach is simply to view the mix as a linear sequence, to which you add whatever colours (tools, parameters, truncations and layerings) you like. All colouring tools are of course applicable to all tracks anywhere, and are open for adjustments and trimmings at will. Many more features.