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PandoraJam for Mac

listen, record and stream pandora music to an Airport Express

PandoraJam enables fans of the fantastic music service to easily listen, record and stream tunes to an Airport Express. With support for scrobbling tracks to and Twitter, PandoraJam is essential software for net music lovers everywhere.

PandoraJam lets you listen to Pandora whenever and wherever you want. You can stream audio to an Airport Express connected to your hi-fi system, or record music for later playback. Recordings are iPod friendly, tagged, and look great in iTunes. Want to keep a record of the songs you listen to? PandoraJam can submit tracks to, so your friends can see what you've been checking out.

PandoraJam takes Pandora to the next level, by turning the web service into a native Mac OS X application. As a desktop application, PandoraJam can make use of Growl notifications, integrate with popular instant messenger applications, and set global keyboard shortcuts. You can even use your Apple Remote to control playback. PandoraJam is a great example of the next generation of Mac desktop software known as Hybrid apps - part Cocoa, part Web, 100% fun! is a popular music service which lets you create your own radio station based on music you like. Pandora uses real musicians to listen to songs and classify them as part of the Music Genome project. When you tell Pandora you like a certain artist or song, it finds similar songs based upon actual characteristics of the artist or song. The results are superb. If you live in the USA, where the Pandora music service is available, check it out now.