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PrintFinder for Mac

print the list of files contained in a folder

With Mac OS X, to be able to print the list of files contained in a folder, simply drop this folder on the printer icon. But if you want to include in the list the contents of subfolders or ignore invisible files or get information about the files or filter the files using keywords, this feature quickly becomes limited. It is possible to have all this via Unix commands in the Mac OS X Terminal, but still need to know the commands to get there. "PrintFinder" provides a graphical interface that allows you with a few clicks to be able to create and customize your list of files.

"PrintFinder" will generate a list containing both a heading (list name, date and time, path to the listed folder, etc...) and a list of your files. With the real-time preview, you can set your list according to your needs (including subfolders, view invisible files, view detailed information, filtering files by keyword, etc...). When your list is ready, you can either choose to export to a file in format plain text (.txt), rich text (.rtf), Adobe PDF (.pdf), Microsoft Word (.doc), OpenDocument Text (.odt) or Web page (.html) for a digital archiving (CD - DVD - FTP - web), or to print directly to your printer for paper archiving.