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Radon Web Browser for Mac

Fast Web Browser

Web Browsers are different then they used to be. They feature better graphics, snazzy icons and buttons, and fit into your OS like a glove on your hand. But, through all this, they lose sight of what there purpose is as an application. Main stream browsers have all the pretty bells and whistles, but there heavy and clumsy. But, Radon is different. Radon is highly specialized to do one thing and do it right. Radon lets you surf the internet fast, and in style. And, Radon 1.5 is no different. But, don??t take our word for it. Radon beat Firefox, Safari, Camino, OmniWeb, iCab, and Opera in benchmark testing. As a matter of fact, it didn??t just beat them, but destroyed them, proving to be an average of 1.5x faster.