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RapidoMap for Mac

Add your contacts and photos to a map

RapidoMap is an amazing geotagging solution for Mac.
It allows you to easily add your photos and home videos to the specific geographic
location at which they were taken. Using high resolution satellite maps, easy
to use search tools, and a simple, integrated interface, RapidoMap
makes it easy and fun for you to manage and present your media or just
localize your contacts.

Key Features:

- Browse your media with street-level maps or a detailed list
- View your media right in the application, or present a virtual tour
   of your photos in a Flyby Slideshow
- Geotag your media just by entering the name or address of the places you went.
- Drag and drop photos directly on the map from the integrated iLife Media Browser
- Share your photos and their locations with anyone using the integrated Flickr uploader
- View and edit information about each place, such as its name, address,
   phone number, and comments
- Import geotagged photos from GPS enabled cameras