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RapidoResizer for Mac

Resize your images with a simple drag and drop interface

When you need to work on your graphic designs, web designs, edit photos, or transform any images, you may need to resize that image. There are not many methods in which you can do this quickly and easily, but RapidoResizer is the ultimate solution.

It allows you to resize images to your specifications and easily apply them to your project. With this utility, you can extract and save application icons and images.

Once you have opened an image or a group of images you get a range of options for you to apply to the image. This enables you to change the dimensions quickly an easily. It is also possible to apply one function to multiple images at a time with the batch function.

In addition to resizing the image (with or without keeping proportions), RapidoResizer allows you to rotate the image, and change the picture to a variety of popular file types.