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Rawker for Mac

converts RAW files produced by digital cameras

Rawker is a converter program for RAW files produced by digital photo cameras. It's philosophy is the good old Apple motto: Keep it simple. It allows you to convert a single RAW file or batch process a folder of RAW files. It is also possible to specify a hot folder that Rawker scans every few seconds. When new files show up in the hot folder, Rawker automatically converts them.

Before processing any files you can modify settings that may improve the appearance of your image(s). These settings can be saved in a file and re-loaded later.

During batch processing Rawker shows the image it is currently working on. Rawker produces TIFF image files with 16 bits color depth (which is 48 bits per RGB pixel) or PNG or JPEG files. For best results choose TIFF or PNG, because JPEG only supports 8 bits color depth and uses lossy compression. Metadata embedded into the RAW file are preserved when you choose TIFF or JPEG as output format.

Rawker converts RAW files using one of two modes: It can convert RAW files using Apple's Core Graphics (Quartz) technology, or it can use Dave Coffin's DCRaw tool. You choose which mode Rawker will use for RAW file conversion. DCRaw doesn't need to be installed separately, it's embedded into Rawker.