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Rivened for Mac

Wallpaper set

Ah, yes. Introducing a captivating wallpaper set for your Mac or PC!!! Need some obscure desktop wallpaper inspired by one of the best selling computer games in history (sales in excess of over 12,000,000 copies)? I think you do. I bring to you… Rivened. My little tribute to this game. What game are we talking about here? Good question. Well, the game is Riven: the sequel to Myst, made by Cyan Inc. This game is unfortunately not included in the download.

This wallpaper set contains 8 different computer wallpapers with 3 size variations for each one, plus a small text file containing legal information. The torturing denseness, epic, beautiful, and immersive atmosphere of this game is hinted in this wallpaper set. So, Rivened should only be used in moderation. Download Rivened for your enjoyment and add some needed depth to your computer! You will get many compliments! This game has seriously changed my life, and would look absolutely wonderful on your Mac.