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Safari Size Guardian for Mac

Stop websites from resizing your browser windows

There are at least two things a respectable web site should never do:

-Resize browser windows via JavaScript
-Open links in new "_blank" windows

And this is not just about being impolite, it's actually outright stupid to annoy users with more or less erratic browser behavior. After all, you want them to come back, right? Still, some web designers just don't get it.

That's why most browsers have controls to switch off that kind of offensive behavior. Safari, however, only has a hidden preference for redirecting new-window links to new tabs, while there's no way whatsoever to disable JavaScript window resizing.

That's precisely the gap Safari Size Guardian fills. Unfortunately, there's no official Safari plugin interface, so we had to implement this as a SIMBL bundle, but it gets the job done. Install Safari Size Guardian, and unsolicited JavaScript window resizing in Safari will be history.