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Shockoe for Mac

About Shockoe
A simple yet powerful on demand time tracking & billing tool used by small business owners, creative professionals, freelancers and any service-based industry to easily keep track of billable time, send invoices, manage employees and keep a bird‘s-eye view of their projects‘ deliverables.

Track Billable Time:
- Unlimited clients and cost center tracking
- Custom task codes for tracking specific budget and time
- Real time project and cost tracking
- E-Signature time approvals
- Custom invoices with your logo, emailed directly to clients
- Free widget for Mac OS X 10.4

Track Projects:
- Unlimited Clients and Cost Center Tracking
- Multiple projects with multiple contractors per client
- Various bill rates that only you can access
- Individualized project and time logs for each contractor/team member
- Expenditure based billable time

Increase your Business:
- Streamline project workflow
- Deliver projects on time
- Improve client relationships
- Accurately estimate/forecast future projects
- Connect to peers, contractors, clients… anyone with an internet connection