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Tag Folders for Mac

Finder based file tagging

Smart folders with Drag-and-Drop simplicity. Tag Folders helps you organize and find your files with ease, using Spotlight comment “tags.” Using regular folders, a file can only appear in one group of files at a time. Tags allow you to attach short comments to files, so that you can group them together with other files bearing that tag, even though they are elsewhere on your computer. A file can have as many tags as you like, allowing it to belong to many different groups at once. Tag Folders makes it as easy to tag your files as it is to move them from one folder to another.

To tag a file, drop it onto a Tag Folder’s icon. Open the Tag Folder to see all files with that tag. Your file can appear in as many Tag Folders as you want.

- Easy to use: If you can use the Finder, you can use Tag Folders.
- Automated: Includes a helper app to make tagging new files almost effortless.
- Customizable: Each Tag Folder can use multiple tags, can be set to tag only specific kinds of files, and can even remove unwanted tags.
- Nestable: Add your “Project 1” Tag Folder to your “Work” Tag Folder, and files added to “Project 1” will also appear in “Work.”
- Compatible: Able to use tag formats from several other tagging apps.