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TuneMyFeeds for Mac

converts RSS content into audio content for iTunes

Looks at RSS in a different light, breathing a touch of audio life into your favorite subscriptions. There are two ways in which you can convert your articles using TuneMyFeeds in conjunction with any of the three coolest RSS Reader applications out there for the Mac; Vienna, endo and NetNewsWire, then using Apple’s system voices or TextParrot converts the text to an audio file. At the end of the process iTunes stores the article or articles as an audio file, so then you can pop it over to your iPod to listen to it on the move.

Main features: Main features:
- Batch processing of your RSS subscriptions.
- Text transcript of the article can be saved in iTunes, under the Lyrics tab.
- Fine tune what data you what to be added to the iTunes info tab, with in TuneMyFeeds preferences.
- Auto create playlist name with in iTunes, from the name of the RSS subscriptions with in your RSS reader, when using Single Tune or Batch Tune.
- RSS articles added to the playlist of your choice in iTunes, when being converted using TuneMyFeeds.