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Volumizer for Mac

Menu bar item accesses all mounted disks

Volumizer provides two convenient mechanisms for accessing your mounted disks without explicitly switching to the Finder.

If you check the "Display Volumes Menu" checkbox, Volumizer displays a status item in the right end of the menu bar. It will show menu items representing each mounted volume on your machine. If you select one of these items, a Finder window showing the root of that volume will be displayed on the screen. If you hover over the item (on Mac OS X 10.3 or higher) a tooltip will show the path to the item.

If you check "Display Volumes In Dock" each mounted volume will be represented by an icon in the dock. A single click will open a Finder window showing the root of that volume. The dock icon's menu also includes an Eject command. While these icons are running processes, they consume very little memory and no CPU unless you interact with them.