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Wabit for Mac

Business Intelligence querying and reporting tool

An elegant and easy to use Business Intelligence Reporting tool. It offers database and business users the ability to perform Ad-Hoc Queries and generate Standard Reports.

The Wabit is designed to be the most intuitive and simplest BI Reporting tool on the market. It includes creative features such as a drag-&-drop playpen, live result-set updates, global searching, and WYSIWYG report formatting.

The Wabit also makes Standard Reporting easy. With a single mouse click, query results are instantly transformed into elegant reports that can be further customized with fonts, colours, sections, breaks, headers, footers, logos, and more.

It offers technical and business users the ability to:
- Drag-&-Drop source database tables into a playpen
- Use the database definitions to automatically formulate required joins
- Intuitively refine your queries with an “evolving” result set that updates instantly and continuously
- Many more features