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Xhromatogram for Mac

chromatogram viewer

A viewer for chromatography and mass spectrometry data in the AIA standard formats. AIA is the industry standard for chromatography data interchange, and in turn is based on the netCDF data format and libraries.

Until now, if you wanted to work with a chromatogram on a Mac, you needed to export the image as PDF and the results as a spreadsheet. If you were not so lucky, it would be inside a presentation, or worse yet a word processing document. Now you can work with the real data.

Xhromatogram can read AIA chromatography files, display the chromatograms, and show peak integration results. It can read AIA mass spectrometry files, display the spectra, generate a mass chromatogram, or show a table of library data. It can show file metadata and print reports. It exports several vector and bitmap graphical formats, and supports copy/paste of both images and text.

Xhromatogram is free, open-source software released under a generous Apache-style license (version 1.1).