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fossi for Mac

Send faxes online

All you need is an internet connection and your fax service account. No tedious web interfaces, no sending faxes via email attachments business. Well integrated you can send your documents straight from your print dialog. Pick the recipient from your addressbook or just type in the number. Fossi will send your fax in the background and let you know about the result. The faxes window provides an overview of past and current faxes.

Send faxes online the Mac way.
-Supports sipgate's online fax service.
-Integration with address book. Just search and pick your rececipient by name or number.
-Stores the credentials to the fax online services securely in your keychain.
-Always stay up-to-date. Integration with the Sparkle framework assures you always got the latest release. New version? Update and relaunch. As easy as that.
-Fossi integrates with the Growl notification system so you can figure out what's going on with your faxes without switching applications.