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myTracks for Mac

Track photos to location

myTracks is a Mac OS X 10.5 application for the ambitious hobby photographer. The main idea of myTracks is the handling of GPS tracks and their relations to photos taken during the track. The main features are:

*Import of GPS tracks either directly from a GPS device or from a GPX file
*Tracks are shown on a Google map which is downloaded automatically and can also be using while being offline.
*Photos files can be linked to the tracks. In myTracks you can directly see where you took all your photos.

GPS Tracks handled within a library (there is no need to explicitly save your tracks)
•Graphical display of GPS tracks in Google maps satellite, street maps or mixed maps.
•Presentation of photos linked to track points
•Import of GPX files (only tracks, no routes)
•Import directly from GPS devices
•Export of GPX files
•Automatic download of Google maps images
•Tracks can be edited (deletion of track points and splitting of tracks)
•List of Track Points
•Geotagging of image files (EXIF tags)
•Drag & Drop