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Tooble for Mac

Search YouTube

Browse: Search all of YouTube from within tooble. In one window, you can search like you would on, select a category of videos, or enter in a URL you already know. From there tooble will search all of YouTube to find your video, giving a list of content you can download straight to your computer. If you have an account with YouTube, you will be able to access your favorited videos from within tooble once you enter your username in tooble's preferences.

With a single click of a button, tooble can easily download any video from YouTube. All you need to do is check the videos you want, hit the download button, and tooble takes care of the rest. With support for queuing, you can check as many videos as you like and tooble will download each of them simultaneously.

Immediately after download, tooble will seamlessly begin to convert the videos to the .mp4 format, which is playable almost anywhere. Instead of using separate tools to handle download and conversion, tooble uses one powerful utility to download and convert in one fell swoop. Additionally, tooble will allow you to control how your video is converted, with options to control the size and quality of your converted video.