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Facebook Widget
Facebook contacts on your Dashboard
SMS For Free
Free Text Messaging widget
Hotmail + Messenger
Check Hotmail and use MSN Messenger at the same time
Have a Studio!
Piano, a Sampler and Sound fx
Gmail Inbox
Inbox at a Glance
3D Crashdrive
A freeroam stunt game
pick a note and type of chord...
Official YouTube widget
Sing that iTune!
Sing-along Lyrics
3D Paradise Paintball
Muliti-player 3D Shooter
nonstop rollercoaster ride
Language Translator
Translates text between 22 different languages
Radar In Motion
Animated Weather Maps
Locker Widget
Locks your computer
Daily Tips, Tricks & Hacks
Plasma Tube
Anmazing Motion Light Widget
Eyes 2
Homer Is Watching You
Text Translation
Text Translation powered by Google translation engine
VLC Widget
Control VLC without leaving fullscreen
Dashboard Radio
Get the best chill out Radio stations in to your Dashboard
Google Apps
A fast and easy way to access Google’s web-based application...
Ultimate Cube
A 3D scrambled cube puzzle game widget.
Countdown Calendar
Countdown reminder calendar widget
Time Map
intuitive display of the time of day all over the world.
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