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Facebook Widget
Facebook contacts on your Dashboard
SMS For Free
Free Text Messaging widget
Hotmail + Messenger
Check Hotmail and use MSN Messenger at the same time
Have a Studio!
Piano, a Sampler and Sound fx
Gmail Inbox
Inbox at a Glance
3D Crashdrive
A freeroam stunt game
pick a note and type of chord...
Official YouTube widget
Sing that iTune!
Sing-along Lyrics
3D Paradise Paintball
Muliti-player 3D Shooter
nonstop rollercoaster ride
Language Translator
Translates text between 22 different languages
Radar In Motion
Animated Weather Maps
Locker Widget
Locks your computer
Daily Tips, Tricks & Hacks
Plasma Tube
Anmazing Motion Light Widget
Text Translation
Text Translation powered by Google translation engine
Eyes 2
Homer Is Watching You
VLC Widget
Control VLC without leaving fullscreen
Dashboard Radio
Get the best chill out Radio stations in to your Dashboard
Google Apps
A fast and easy way to access Google’s web-based application...
Ultimate Cube
A 3D scrambled cube puzzle game widget.
Countdown Calendar
Countdown reminder calendar widget
Time Map
intuitive display of the time of day all over the world.
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