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You Control: Tunes
ives you complete control over iTunes from the Mac OS X menu...
classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game
Programmers editor, ideal for C/C++ or XCode
Smart Widget Installer
stops Dashboard closing your widgets whenever you install a ...
Tape Calculator
Replace your desktop adding machine with this simple widget
MIDI Patchbay
Patch Midi Channels
updates your wireless network location
Customize your login screen with a single drag-and-drop
Enigma Simulator
simulates the use of World War II Enigma ciphering machines
Juice 1.2
Laptop battery monitor
Portable Audacity
Portable Audio Editor & Recorder
electronic circuit simulation
Abyss Web Server
Web server with SSL, CGI/FastCGI, PHP, Perl, and Ruby on Rai...
update copies of your current work
Ogg Quicklook
Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) audio file previewing
Crimson Fields
A turn-based tactical war game
I Love Lamp
Lava Lamp Widget
Grand Perspective
graphically Displays Disk Usage
Blackjack Game
Cocoa Packet Analyzer
network protocol analyzer and packet sniffer
Integrated media player and pong game
Calculator for various financial parameters
OneButton FTP
Simple, fast FTP client