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The Merge
Screensaver of thought processes from brain waves interactin...
Programmers editor, ideal for C/C++ or XCode
You Control: Tunes
ives you complete control over iTunes from the Mac OS X menu...
Portable Audacity
Portable Audio Editor & Recorder
Tape Calculator
Replace your desktop adding machine with this simple widget
classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game
electronic circuit simulation
Abyss Web Server
Web server with SSL, CGI/FastCGI, PHP, Perl, and Ruby on Rai...
Ogg Quicklook
Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) audio file previewing
Matching Tiles Game
Compares two folder for differences
A timer to keep time of hours worked
updates your wireless network location
update copies of your current work
Juice 1.2
Laptop battery monitor
I Love Lamp
Lava Lamp Widget
Cocoa Packet Analyzer
network protocol analyzer and packet sniffer
Smart Widget Installer
stops Dashboard closing your widgets whenever you install a ...
Crimson Fields
A turn-based tactical war game
Key Codes
Don't waste your time searching key code tables
Grand Perspective
graphically Displays Disk Usage
OneButton FTP
Simple, fast FTP client
Blackjack Game