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PHP Evaluator
Evaluate PHP code on the fly, straight from Dashboard
View YouTube in Dashboard
Whats Different
See if you can spot the 6 differences for the 3 latest Out T...
Learn words in any European language
Lunar Lander Game
Pocket Universe
View of the sky from where you are
send free SMS messages through carriers’ web sites
The Day
Simple but effective daily calendar
Top100 Recipes
Get the best Top100 International Food Recipes in to your Da...
Mickey Mouse Widget
make Mickey Mouse appear on your Dashboard.
Campfirez Widget
a crackling fire on your Dashboard
Queen Izabella’s Adventure to Skull Island
Queen Izabella’s Adventure to Skull Island
BBC Listen Again
Listen on demand to a huge archive of recent BBC Radio progr...
iStat pro
Advanced system monitoring widget
Wikipedia 0.9.2
Browse and Edit Wikipedia Articles
Word of the Day
Word of the Day from
Snow in the Dashboard
A Snow Animation for your Dashboard
Sokoban game. 60+ levels
BPM Counter Widget
Calculates a song's beats per minute
displays lyrics of the song currently playing in iTunes
daily horoscope widget
Currency Converter
calculate currency conversions