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Live Stream NASA TV
File Encryption Widget
widget allows you to encrypt files in just a few seconds
Versatile Unit Converter
A powerful and polyvalent unit conversion tool.
Secret NotePad
password protectable notepad widget
Scientific Calculator widget
Real-time router throughput widget for OSX
Domain Widget
Search for a .com domain name
Tea Timer
Never forget your tea/pizza again while you are sitting in f...
TV Show Tracker
Track your favorite TV Shows
Calc Board
Calculator widget
Widget provides weather info for numerous locations worldwid...
Reminder Widget
Handy reminder widget, integrates with iCal
Tape Calculator
Replace your desktop adding machine with this simple widget
Simpsons Quote Box
Display random Simpsons quotes
The Dashboard ScreenSaver
A bit of Dashboard Candy for your ScreenSaver
A timer to keep time of hours worked
I Love Lamp
Lava Lamp Widget
Smart Widget Installer
stops Dashboard closing your widgets whenever you install a ...
Juice 1.2
Laptop battery monitor
Checkmarker makes it easy to jot down lists on your Dashboar...
Light Bulb
Dashboard Illumination