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HomeImage Viewer
View image files on the Mac, and convert them to numerous gr...
Puts the stars in your tunes
Portable Adium
Portable Instant Messenger client
Sun Spotter
displays the latest images of the Sun at the SOHO web site
If you own a high-tech, heavily-planted fish tank, this is f...
I Love Stars
Easily rate iTunes songs from the menu bar
Manage share points
The transliteration tool
Portable Thunderbird
Portable version of the popular Email Client
A colorpicker that adds a name to your color
mount external drives as read only devices
Top 10 Salad Recipes
Get top 10 salad recipes in to your Dashboard
Portable Nvu
Free Web Authoring Alternative To Dreamweaver, Frontpage
The sunken unified GUI
Weather in your menu
Login Launcher
Mimics a ‘Location’ setting for your login items
Presentation Stage
Hide your cluttered desktop, choose color, show/hide applica...
Preference Manager
Allows you to trash, lock, backup and restore Final Cut Stud...
Glub Tech Secure
Secure FTP over SSL (or FTPS)
reincarnation of the Classic application launcher found on O...
Lexis Builder
create your personal glossary and “One-Click” information so...
Simple AdSense Widget for Mac OS X