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Heap CRM Widget
search your CRM for messages, events, leads, etc.
Track time and employees with Tiktracís dashboard widget
Displays the current date in the stardate system from Star T...
Domain Name Widget
Instantly checks .com domain name availability as you type
ECal widget
create iCal events for all the eBay auctions of interest
IB Option Calculator
allows investors to view impact of input variables on an opt...
Time Machine Launcher
A launcher for Time Machine directly in your Dashboard
Widgetop Google Gadget Template
Convert any Google Gadget to run as a stand alone widget
Web Startup Jobs Widget
Find web startup jobs by the minute
Truth-Table Widget
truth-tables for propositions of classical logic
widget to keep track of your Google AdSense earnings
Journal Article Widget
retrieve articles from popular scientific journals by volume...
Send To OmniFocus
send text to OmniFocus as a new item in your inbox
Windfinder Widget
displays wind, waves, and weather from your favorite surf sp...
a widget that shows your AdSense report
Property Search Widget
Get the latest properties to your Mac desktop
Pingable? widget
Allows to check if a given host responds to ping requests
Read and post to Twitter, FriendFeed, and from you...
A widget works with OmniFocus app, helps you crank through a...
RiDoc Widget
Get ruby on rails documentation Widget
search online stores